Welcome to Khana Khalo, a sanctuary for vegetarian food enthusiasts! Founded by Vikas Pathak, an entrepreneur with a deep passion for food and technology, Khana Khalo is more than just a food delivery service. It’s a celebration of vegetarian cuisine, delivering pure, wholesome, and delicious vegetarian meals right to your doorstep.

At Khana Khalo, we understand the essence of vegetarianism and respect the dietary choices of our customers. That’s why we have partnered exclusively with restaurants that share our commitment to vegetarian cuisine. Our mission is to ensure that every meal you enjoy from Khana Khalo is 100% vegetarian, made with the freshest ingredients, and prepared with utmost care.

But Khana Khalo is not just a delivery service. We are expanding our horizons by establishing our own chain of Khana Khalo restaurants across various cities, counties, and even villages. Each Khana Khalo restaurant is a haven for vegetarians, where you can experience the joy of vegetarian dining in a warm and welcoming environment.

As the founder of AVP Web Solution, Vikas Pathak brings his expertise in technology to enhance your food ordering experience. Our user-friendly website and application ensure a seamless process from selecting your meal to receiving it at your doorstep.

A Note for Non-Vegetarian Food Lovers

We appreciate that tastes vary, and while Khana Khalo is dedicated to vegetarian cuisine, we haven’t forgotten about non-vegetarian food lovers. For those who prefer non-vegetarian dishes, we invite you to visit Khana Khalo – Nonveg at www.khanakhalo.com/nonveg/. Here, you’ll find a variety of non-vegetarian options prepared to perfection. Please note that our non-vegetarian kitchen operates separately, ensuring no cross-contamination with our vegetarian kitchens.

Join us on this culinary journey at Khana Khalo, where every meal is a celebration of vegetarian goodness!

Welcome to Khana Khalo, the culinary brainchild of Vikas Pathak, an entrepreneur with a fervor for technology and a heart deeply rooted in the love of vegetarian cuisine. Born from a vision to cater exclusively to vegetarian food lovers, Khana Khalo is a revolutionary concept in the world of food delivery and restaurant services.

In Hathras City and beyond, Khana Khalo stands as a beacon for those seeking purely vegetarian dining experiences. Our commitment is simple yet profound: to provide an array of delectable vegetarian dishes that don’t just satisfy hunger but celebrate the rich tapestry of vegetarian cooking.

Our journey began with a question: Why should vegetarians settle for limited options? At Khana Khalo, we answer this by partnering solely with restaurants that are not just vegetarian-friendly but are entirely vegetarian in their offerings. This ensures that every dish you order is rooted in vegetarian principles, from farm to fork.

But Khana Khalo is more than just a delivery service. We are on a mission to establish our signature Khana Khalo restaurants across various geographies. Each location is a testament to our dedication, offering a vegetarian-only menu in a setting where purity and quality are never compromised.

As the successful founder of AVP Web Solution, Vikas Pathak brings his technological expertise to the forefront, ensuring that your experience with our website and app is as delightful as our food. From easy browsing to hassle-free ordering, we’ve streamlined every step.

Note for Non-Vegetarian Cuisine Enthusiasts

Understanding the diverse palate of our customers, we have also established Khana Khalo – Nonveg, a separate entity dedicated to non-vegetarian gastronomy. You can explore a wide range of non-vegetarian delights at www.khanakhalo.com/nonveg/. Rest assured, our non-vegetarian kitchen is entirely separate from our vegetarian operations, ensuring the integrity and purity of both culinary worlds.

Embark on a journey of vegetarian excellence with Khana Khalo, where every meal is a tribute to the flavors, colors, and essence of vegetarian cuisine.

Welcome to Khana Khalo’s behind-the-scenes! At the heart of every delightful dish that finds its way to your doorstep is our dedicated team and our unique process. Beyond just being a culinary platform, we are the meticulous bridge between savory desires and their sumptuous realization. Our Process: It begins with our thorough selection. We don’t merely serve; we select. Handpicking the finest ingredients and products ensures that what reaches you is of paramount quality. We’re not just about food, but about an experience; an experience we believe starts from the source of the product. Our in-house team is the backbone of this entire journey. From chefs who masterfully create dishes to quality experts who ensure every ingredient is fresh, and logistics members who make sure every parcel reaches in pristine condition – we have a dedicated crew that’s passionate about what they do. Why Choose Us? – In-house Excellence: Our in-house experts curate, create, and ensure every meal is up to the gold standard of Khana Khalo. – Seamless Delivery: Our process is streamlined to guarantee that your food reaches you while it’s still bursting with fresh flavors. – Quality Guaranteed: We take pride in our strict quality checks. If it’s not fresh, it doesn’t make the cut. – Customer-Centric: At Khana Khalo, every dish, every delivery, every click on our platform revolves around you, our esteemed customer. In essence, Khana Khalo is more than just a food delivery service. It’s a promise, a commitment to bring you not just food, but an unforgettable culinary experience. Dive in, savor our offerings, and let us make your days a little more delicious!